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iPage CPanel

The average web hosting provider gives their users access to a user panel called CPanel; however, provides their users with a much better and easier to use control panel!  In fact, the panel (completely customized by iPage) is called VDeck, and it is personally one of my favorite panels on the web.  I am confident that you will agree and I plan to outline some of the iPage CPanel features in this article.

iPage VDeck Cpanel:

Compared to the traditional CPanel offered by most host the iPage VDeck Cpanel offers many features and functionality that were not previously made available.   If you are a beginning or even an intermediate webmaster, I would highly suggest iPage because of the ease of the user panel.  Below I have outlined just a few of the basic fuctionalities that have been mastered by iPage in their Cpanel.

Website Management:

  • Create your website with an easy to use drag-and-drop site builder tool, and keep your site going with easy to use file and FTP management tools, and much more!

Email Management:

  • Access your WebMail, manage your spam settings, and control autoresponders, also you can forward all your emails to one location.

E-Commerce Services:

  • Looking to sell on your website? vDeck 4 makes it easy with flexible shopping cart, credit card and gift card options, all accessible from the “E-commerce” tab of the iPage Cpanel.

Marketing Services:

  • Promote your website using any of the marketing tools available in the “Marketing” section – Receive free Google, Yahoo, and Facebook advertising credits, and much more, these are integrated into directly into the iPage vDeck Cpanel.

Account Management Services:

  • vDeck features a separate section for account and billing information, you can update your billing information, make a payment, change your password, and more, from the “Account Information” tab.

Always New Services:

  • One thing I love about iPage is the fact that they are never satisfied with the status-quo.  In fact, they are constantly partnering and acquiring other services that can directly be integrated into their panel for all of their users to take advantage of.

Additional iPage CPanel Features:

There are some really cool features inside of the iPage Cpanel (vDeck) that I think any potential customer should really consider because of the HUGE benefit!  For example, iPage offers their users an easy 1-click install application that helps new users to instantly install software like:  WordPress, Joomla, PHPBB, and much more!  Personally I am a very experienced webmaster but I still LOVE the 1-click install software because it drastically speeds up the installation of website and ensures that everything is properly configured for the iPage serves.

I also love the iPage CPanel because it provides you will access to added support features SO if you are a beginner webmaster and find yourself stuck with upload, designing, or moving a website… It’s not big deal! Why? Because you have easy access to iPage support staff!

I highly suggest that you consider for their exceptional customer support!